1xbet 우회주소

In many countries, the 1xbet project operates at alternative addresses. This is due to domestic laws. For example, in South Korea, sports betting is restricted and gambling is completely prohibited. To get to the site, 1xbet 우회주소 is used. It is a similar project address where symbols, numbers or letters can be added. It allows you to play on betting with a secure connection to the server.

What a 1xbet mirror represents

A mirror is created with one purpose: to provide a secure connection to the official source. It is a copy of the site, which has a full-fledged interface and saves the client’s information. An ordinary user will not notice any changes. Only by looking closely, you can see a few new characters in the address bar.

The mirror is used in South Korea to bypass blocking. According to the law, gambling is prohibited throughout the state, from land-based outlets and online portals.

The national control authority commands providers to block copies. But 1xbet 우회주소 is posted on the Web regularly. The process is somewhat like fighting windmills: old copies are blocked, but new ones enter instead, which will be active until the next blockade.

Koreans register and bet only through the mirror, as the main source 1xbet.com has been closed since 2010. The address is accessible from any device (PC or mobile phone).

Is it possible to do without a mirror?

You will not be able to open the official page of 1xbet.com. The following message appears on the screen: “The resource is blocked in your country”. There is no way to do without a mirror or an alternative source. This is how many offshore operators work in countries where gambling is banned.

Finding a mirror is not a problem. Managers update the database on a daily basis. Links are easy to find on request, in social networks, in articles of entertainment topics, in individual mailings.

The new URL is developed according to all norms of computer security. The information goes through SSL encryption and is stored on an external medium.

In addition to the mirror, 1xbet customers use mobile applications. These are small software products with a built-in mechanism of automatic search for a backup copy.

Regular fans install proxies and VPN. In the programmes you can change your location and anonymously visit the official portal.


Despite frequent mirror blocking, the choice of 1xbet for many Koreans is obvious. The company has the best sports markets, high odds and the most diverse gambling catalogue! The Russian operator helps customers find a safe 1xbet 우회주소 by posting links in social messengers, sending email addresses on a case-by-case basis.

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