Cris Basketball Betting Rules, Cris Basketball Odds

BetCRIS online sportsbook has your basketball world covered, from the fundamentally sound WNBA to the crazy flopping of the European basketball leagues. The only basketball that isn’t covered is Slamball, but that’s only because they stopped playing Slamball, save for in some underground trampoline factory.

BetCris Online Sportsbook for All Basketball

All BetCRIS basketball games have bets available on sides, money lines and totals. Lines are put up a night in advance, giving all you people who are deprived of the internet at work the chance to drop a coin on the basketball games in advance. You know, those companies that have an Intranet instead of an internet, to keep the workers working and not downloading porn. In any case, if that’s your situation, BetCRIS sportsbook is the top sportsbook for you.

BetCris Internet Sportsbook Basketball Match up Report

BetCRIS online sportsbook basketball match up report is a crucial aid for the bettor, with basketball team history placed neatly into tiny little boxes. You can learn how basketball teams have done head to head, against the spread or straight up, on the road or at home, when the sky is blue or the moon is full. I made those last two up.

BetCris Basketball Futures

BetCRIS Sportsbook bettors can take advantage of basketball futures by picking the NBA Finals winner, conference champions, the MVP, division crowns, early college basketball tournaments like the Maui Invitational and the college basketball champion. Futures are always nice if you have a good sense of what’s coming down the road, like Nostradamus or that Cleo lady.