Cris Betting

Straight Bets for BetCris Internet Sportsbook

BetCRIS straight bet wager is made when you choose a team and the point spread. The cost of the wager is 10/11 or $110 to win $100. If the straight wager is on the Bulls -6, then the Bulls must win by 6 or more points for the wager to win. If the straight wager is on the Raptors +6, then the Raptors cannot lose by more than 6 points for the wager to win. If the game lands on 6 pts., then the game is a “push” and will result in “no action.”

BetCris Sportsbook Point Spreads and Totals

Use the BetCRIS Page Index links at the top of the betting page to go directly to the game that you are interested in. Alternatively, scroll through the available sportsbook games. Click on the small box to the left of the team or total of your choice. When you click on a box, a tick will appear in that box. You can remove that tick (i.e. de-select), by clicking again if you wish. When you have made your selections, go to the top of the betting page by clicking on the orange pointer to the right of a game. Enter the amount you want to bet or the amount you want to win. Then click on the ‘Add To Ticket’ button.

BetCris Sportsbook Parlays

BetCRIS sportsbook parlay wager is a selection of teams in no particular order, in one wager. All teams must win by the point spread margin. The larger amount of online sportsbook teams, the greater the payoff. The payout in a 2 team parlay is 13/5. This means you are risking $100 to win $260. In case of a tie or no action, the parlay will revert to the lower level payoff, except in a 2 team parlay where a tie reverts to a straight bet.

BetCris Sportsbook Money Lines

BetCRIS sportsbook money line wager, you wager which team is going to win, disregarding the point spread. For example, if you had the Orlando Magic at -280 and the Houston Rockets +240, if you wager on Orlando -280, you lay $280 to win $100. If you wager on Houston +240, you lay $100 to win $240.

BetCris Internet Sportsbook Open Wagers

BetCRIS open wagers allow the customer to play teasers or parlays making one selection at different times or even different days. Any open wager left unfilled/pending for more than 90 days will be cancelled. No open slots on the Internet. No open spots on 10 point teasers. No open spots on 4 team or more parlays.