Bet Cris live betting

BetCRIS Live Betting


Sports fans and bettors can front-row seats to all of the action at the BetCRIS site by using the site’s live wagering options. The traditional low margins will apply and this gives you an ideal opportunity to earn more on your money. Live betting can be enjoyed on an assortment of popular major sports, such as  American football, select soccer tournaments and leagues including the European Champions League, Spanish La Liga, and English Premier League; live baseball wagering, live basketball wagering with the NCAA and NBA, as well as live NHL and tennis betting.

Live Football Wagering

One of the most popular sports for wagering at BetCRIS is football. The site provides live NCAA and NFL odds with live spreads to 104% and live moneylines and totals to 105%. You can bet on the NCAA and NFL during the regular season, the playoffs, the Super Bowl, and the National Championship game.

Live MLB Wagering

You can find live MLB odds and betting every day during the baseball season on a wide selection of games. The run lines, totals, and moneylines are priced to 104%, which are among the best to be found anywhere online. Live betting options are available during the top and bottom of each inning, during all pitching changes, and throughout the games. 

Live NBA Wagering 

The low-margin policy is in full effect at BetCRIS with the NBA, which is the premier basketball league on the planet. You can receive live NBA online odds with moneylines, spreads, and total points which are priced to 104%. This provides exceptional value and the greatest opportunity to earn more while betting live online on NBA games. The live NBA wagering calendar covers contests that are televised by ESPN, TNT, ABC and NBA TV. 

Live Soccer Wagering

BetCRIS offers live soccer wagering with low- margin markets for ‘in-play’ as well as at half time. This includes the biggest leagues and tournaments in the world, such as the German Bundesliga, English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, the Euro 2012 qualifying matches, and the European Champions League. The 1×2’s and total goals are priced to 103% while the in-play Asian Handicaps are priced to 102.5%. The halftime markets include even more competitions and leagues around the world and feature the same value as the pre-game markets. These include 1×2’s and Asian Handicaps to 102% with the total number of goals scored to 102.5%.

Live Tennis Wagering

Live in-play betting is offered during selected ATP and WTA tennis tournaments, including the ever-popular Grand Slam tournaments. BetCRIS provides in-play moneylines to 103%.This gives bettors an excellent opportunity to earn more during live online tennis betting.

BetCRIS Live Betting Margins 

  • Basketball-NBA and NCAA:  Spread- 104%, Moneyline-104%, Total-104%
  • Football-NFL and NCAA: Spread- 104%, Moneyline-105%, Total-105%
  • MLB- Spread- 104%, Moneyline-104%, Total-104%
  • Soccer- Spread- 102.5%, Moneyline-103%, Total-103%

BetCRIS provides commission-free fixed odds wagering with exchange style pricing. The site also has the highest guaranteed liquidity on the Internet.